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Antibody characterization studies: Intact mass, light chain and Heavy chain analysis

Site specific glycosylation and Post Translational Modifications (PTMs) studies, Lysine truncation, proline amidation, Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) monitoring.

Peptide mapping studies, N/C-Terminal sequencing, Di-sulphide mapping

light chain and Heavy chain analysis

Protein quantification using HPLC/UPLC

Process Characterization and efficiency evaluation

pI and molecular weight assessment studies of biomolecules

Peptide mapping analysis using UPLC/HPLC

Non-volatile excipient detection and quantification using CAD HPLC

Low molecular weight (Glatiramer Acetate analysis by SEC MALS)

Protein-DNA interaction studies

Quantitative Proteomics

Rapid glycan analysis for biopharmaceuticals

rProtein A analysis

Safety evaluation in Biological drugs

Screening of glycan – Clonal evaluation studies

SEC for purity assessment of protein and large molecules

Small molecule high throughput screening

Stability studies

Impurity analysis for biomolecules

Immunogenicity Assay

Antigen-antibody interaction

Advanced analytical characterization studies

Aggregation of proteins

Antibodies molar mass and glycosylation

Antigen-Antibody binding

Biosimilarity assessment studies

Charge variant analysis for biomolecules

Charge variants and heterogeneity analysis of complex large molecules using IEX chromatography

CQA monitoring

Cytotoxicity and Apoptosis Assay

Determination of Molecular Weight of Glycoproteins by Analytical Ultracentrifugation

ELISA Binding assay

FcRN and Fc gamma Binding studies

HCP analysis

For testing of injectables

Glycan profiling for biomolecules

Glycan quantification using FLD detector on UPLC/HPLC

Site specific glycosylation and Post Translational Modifications (PTMs) studies

Lysine truncation

proline amidation

Di-sulphide mapping

N/C-Terminal sequencing

Peptide mapping studies

Antibody characterization studies: Intact mass

Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) and Drug Antibody Ratio (DAR) analysis

Host Cell Protein studies for assessing process specific impurities in Biopharmaceuticals

Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) monitoring.


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