MALS is an advanced analytical absolute technique used for the determination of molecular weight of an analyte in solution using basic physical equations. Protein species including monomers, Native oligomers or aggregates, and hetero complexes can be reliably characterized by combining SEC (Size Exclusion Chromatography) separation with MALS. The elution volume from SEC-MALS provides an insight into the homogeneous or heterogeneous nature of thee analyte and can distinguish between a fixed molecular weight distribution vs dynamic equilibrium. A wide range of analytes including glycosylated proteins, lipoproteins, and conjugates such as detergent solubilized membrane proteins can be analyzed using MALS, to confirm the biophysical properties and solution behavior of the particles in Bio-pharma industry. MALS can be coupled with protein separation techniques including SEC and IEX.




  • Aggregation of proteins
    Antibodies molar mass and glycosylation
    Antigen-Antibody binding
    Low molecular weight (Glatiramer Acetate analysis by SEC MALS)
    Stability studies