Analytical ultracentrifuge (AUC)

Analytical ultracentrifugation provides particle sedimentation with the functionality of optical modules to detect the sedimentation of analyte over time. It is the most versatile, rigorous and accurate means for determining the molecular weight, hydrodynamic and thermodynamic properties of a protein or other macromolecule. AUC technology provides insight into sample molecular weight, shape, conformation, and heterogeneity indicating the presence of its individual components including single dominant monomer, dimer. The relative content and sedimentation coefficients of monomer and dimer species are routinely used for Biosimilarity assessment studies. (AUC) enables characterization of samples in their native state under biologically relevant solution conditions.


Beckman Coulter, Optima


  • Advanced analytical characterization studies
    Biosimilarity assessment studies
    Determination of Molecular Weight of Glycoproteins by Analytical Ultracentrifugation